Before the Competition

A sponsor can be any adult who is responsible for the Registration.  Most sponsors will be teachers, though parents, administrators, counselors, media specialists, etc. may also serve as sponsors.

Sponsors have three primary responsibilities:
1) Select ten students to participate in the National History Bee, either through the provided Intramural Bee or by any other method.
2) Schedule and administer the Online Qualifying Exam.
3) Serve as a point of communication between the National History Bee and participating students

Absolutely.  The Individual Registration pathway to participation is designed to allow students to compete in the National History Bee without having to depend on a school to register.

We accept money orders, personal checks, school checks or purchase orders.  If you prefer to pay via credit card, please contact us.

Yes.  We welcome and encourage both homeschool associations and individual homeschooled children to participate in the National History Bee!  For more information, please contact us.

Yes.  As long as a student still meets all of the eligibility requirements, he or she is welcome to participate again.

We assign regions based on your ZIP code.  When you register you will automatically be assigned to the region that corresponds to which of the Regional Finals sites is closest to you.  Once you are registered, information about your particular region will then be visible on your Sponsor Panel.  To see a list of the 39 regions, click here.

National History Bee questions are roughly split evenly between U.S. History and non-U.S. History.  While we don't have a set "curriculum" of material to study, we recommend starting your preparation by perusing our Resources page.  That should give you a general idea of what sort of material might be asked.  Generally speaking, the more students read about history, the better that they do.

Looking for a more thorough resource? Check out the History Essentials book from Hexco Academics.  It provides a good summary of 5,000 years of history.

Intramural Bee

Yes.  School sponsors are welcome to score the Intramural Bee - Written Test by whatever method is most convenient.

Each of the Intramural Bee activities also includes tiebreaker questions.  The answers to these questions will be a number (In what year was Abraham Lincoln assassinated? (1865) or How old was Victoria when she became Queen of England? (19), for example).  Whichever of the tied students is closest to the correct answer wins the tiebreaker.

Each school registration entitles the school to enter ten students for participation in the National History Bee.  Ultimately it is up to the school-level sponsor to decide how best to select those ten students.  We recommend selecting those students through the use of the Intramural Bee, but some schools choose grade point average or other criteria to select students.

The Intramural Bee can be downloaded from your Sponsor Menu beginning October 19 and can be administered anytime between then and January 22, 2016.  The Intramural Bee will not be active on your Sponsor Menu until the registration is paid in full.  Remember, the Intramural Bee is not a required step; it is only the suggested method for a school to choose the ten students who will participate in the Online Qualifying Exam. Both the Intramural Bee and Online Qualifying Exam must be completed by January 22, 2016.

Online Qualifying Exam

Any computer with a high speed internet connection and a modern browser should work fine with our exam system. We strongly suggest running through one of our practice online exams to test your computer.

Our tests support IE7 + , Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and all other major browsers.  To test your browser, please take one of the practice exams found HERE.

You can take one of our practice online exams.  If the practice exam works on your computer, the official exam will also.

Students are judged solely against other students in their region; so what score is needed to advance in the Boston region might not be the same as what score is needed to advance in the Phoenix region.  The highest scores on the exam in each region will advance to the Regional Finals.
We are happy to make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.  Please contact us for more information.

Regional Finals

Yes.  Click here.

The National History Bee uses buzzers from Anderson Enterprises.

During the week of January 25, 2016, Sponsors will receive an email outlining their student(s)' scores and whether or not they have qualified for the Regional Finals.

While we welcome sponsors and other family, friends and well-wishers to attend the Regional Finals to support the students, there is no requirement for sponsors to attend.

Nothing other than an accompanying adult (could be a teacher, parent, or other guardian), and their history knowledge.

Yes. All spectators are welcome. Be aware, however, that viewing space in some of the matches may be limited.

We ask that students dress in business casual or nicer for the Regional Finals and National Finals.


The National History Bee's National Finals will be in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare from June 9-12, 2016.  More information can be found here.

Interested in ordering a souvenir?  Please contact us.